Stay At Home Order....Adjustments....

Well, it's happening. Today begins our stay at home order as the state of Hawaii. Our coronavirus cases are a little over 90, supposedly with just 3-5 on island still. Honestly, there is still a surprising amount of traffic out and about. Perhaps that's due to the fewer identified number of cases on island, or the general distrust of authority around here....whatever it is, we are doing our best to adjust as a church.

Here's this week's Midweek Moment with a few updates. We're still planning to do Food Pantry deliveries to the congregation on Saturday, and then drive through style to whoever comes from the community on Sunday morning. Aside from that, we're trying to stay home as your pastors to keep you and our home healthy!

Reach out if you need anything, or if you just need to talk!

- Pastor Malorri


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